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NSMQ2022: Swedru SHS Redeems the Seed of their Predecessors

Coming into the One-Eighth Stage of the NSMQ2022 as a seeded school, Swedru SHS had a heavy responsibility of redeeming their predecessors' confidence reposed in them. Nonetheless, they did so convincingly, carrying the day in a vicious contest with Notre Dame Seminary and SIMMS SHS. With a swollen head, they will enter the NSMQ2023 as a seeded school.

All three schools were poised for greatness in the first round, answering their first set of mathematics questions correctly. Swedru SHS was represented by Divine Ackah Elikem and Prosper Nyamekye; Notre Dame Seminary was represented by Joshua Ayipio and Achuliba Lucas Atiga; SIMMS SHS was represented by Bright Einstein Kofi Anapey and Marvin Jojo Arkoful-Quaye. The contestants carried great optimism and a poised mentality for a Quarterfinal qualification.

Swedru SHS deployed their armaments right after an unsatisfactory display in the first round of questions and got into the game, securing seventeen (17) points in Round One. Having had a relatively quiet first round, Einstein tried to bring back SIMMS SHS into the contest by answering the last question correctly, however, at the end of Round One, they were in a nine (9) point tie with Notre Dame Seminary. Bringing on the last-minute fire released at the end of Round One, SIMMS SHS tried to take their chances in the Speed Race. They were first to attempt both questions in Round Two, yet, both answers were incorrect. At this point, Swedru SHS were steadily taking their chances whilst protecting their points. With a working plan, Swedru SHS secured eleven (11) points more in Round Two. The quieter Notre Dame Seminary got six (6) points, whilst SIMMS SHS had quashed three (3) points out of their nine (9) points secured in Round One.

With a substandard display in Round Three, all three schools had no idea about the Problem of the Day. The Quiz Mistress, Miss Gladys Schwinger was appalled whiles mentioning that the trainers of the schools had a lot of work on their hands. In Round Four, all three schools answered their last set of questions correctly. In the end, Swedru SHS had forty-one (41) points, twenty-one (21) points more than Notre Dame Seminary who came second with twenty (20) points, and twenty-six (26) points more than SIMMS SHS who came third with fifteen (15) points. Whilst SIMMS SHS and Notre Dame SHS were playing catch-up in Round Five, Swedru SHS looked more relaxed and protected their lead. They won the contest with an outstanding fifteen-point gap. At the end of the contest, Swedru SHS had forty-one (41) points, Notre Dame Seminary had twenty-six (26) points, and SIMMS SHS had fifteen (15) points.

The round-by-round points for each school were as follows;

Round One; Swedru SHS: 17 Notre Dame Seminary: 09 Simms SHS: 09

Round Two; Swedru SHS: 28 Notre Dame Seminary: 15 Simms SHS: 06 Round Three; Swedru SHS: 28 Notre Dame Seminary: 15 Simms SHS: 06

Round Four; Swedru SHS: 41 Notre Dame Seminary: 20 Simms SHS: 15 Round Five; Swedru SHS: 41 Notre Dame Seminary: 26 Simms SHS: 15

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