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NSMQ2022: Impressive Accra Academy secures Quarter Final Spot

The Kumapley Auditorium, KNUST, was the battleground for a Quarterfinal Spot in the 2022 National Championship among Accra Academy, Adu Gyamfi Senior High School, and Our lady of Mount Camel Girls’ SHS. Adu Gyamfi SHS and Mt. Camel Girls gave Accra Academy a good fight, however, Accra Academy came out superior.

A mathematics question welcomed the contestants to Round (1). Given the coordinates of a canoe drift, they all attempted but failed to calculate the distance of the drift. However, they had settled into the contest when the next round of questions was read. ‘X’ is such that X is greater than 1 (x : x ˃ 1), Accra Academy answered correctly; ‘X’ is less than minus 2 (x ˂ -2), Adu Gyamfi answered correctly; and ‘X’ is greater than 3 on 2 (x ˃ 3/2), Mt. Camel Girls answered rightly.

At the end of Round One (1), Accra Academy was comfortably leading with seventeen (17) points, Adu Gyamfi SHS had twelve (12) points, and Our Lady of Mount Camel Girls’ SHS had thirteen (13) points. Accra Academy and Adu Gyamfi SHS had a perfect transition into their second round with correct answers, whilst Mt. Camel Girls remained relatively quiet in the round in a bid to protect their points. The Accra Academy Boys continued their dominance into Round Three (3) with thirty-seven (37) points; Adu Gyamfi came second with twelve (12) points; Mt. Camel Girls lagged with ten (10) points.

Again, the problem of the day was perfectly defeated by the Accra Academy boys and Adu Gyamfi SHS. The two schools had a perfect score in Round Three (3) clinging to the Prudential life Insurance NSMQ Star award. Mt. Camel Girls gave a satisfactory attempt at the problem of the day, scoring six (6) points with their effort.

All three schools were in for a fight in Round Four (4); they risked it all with their answers, without recourse to point deductions. However, in the end, it was the Accra Academy Boys who had utilized their chances. Accra Aca had an impressive fifty-seven (57) points, Adu Gyamfi scored thirty-two (32) points, and Mt. Camel Girls scored twenty-six (26) points at the end of Round Four (4). Although all schools answered the first riddle in Round five (5) wrongly, it was Accra Academy who carried the day with their last answer, super-oxide, to the last riddle in Round Five (5) and clinging to the much-coveted seeded Quarter Final Spot.

The round-by-round scores for the contest were as follows;

Round One Accra Academy: 17 Adu Gyamfi SHS: 12 Mt. Camel Girls’ SHS: 13 Round Two; Accra Academy: 37 Adu Gyamfi SHS: 12 Mt. Camel Girls’ SHS: 10 Round Three; Accra Academy: 47 Adu Gyamfi SHS: 22 Mt. Camel Girls’ SHS: 18

Round Four; Accra Academy: 57 Adu Gyamfi SHS: 32 Mt. Camel Girls’ SHS: 26 Round Five; Accra Academy: 60 Adu Gyamfi SHS: 35 Mt. Camel Girls’ SHS: 29

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