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NSMQ2021: Nkoranza SHTS secures One-Eighth slot

Nkoranza SHTS has beaten her competitors to sail through to the One-eighth stage of the 2021 National Championship. The school dominated Kintampo SHS and Bomaa SHS in all five rounds of the contest. Here is a breakdown of the scores Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. Nkoranza SHTS: 21pts Kintampo SHS: 10pts Bomaa SHS: 05pts

Round Two – The Speed race Nkoranza SHTS: 25pts Bomaa SHS: 08pts Kintampo SHS: 07pts Round Three – Problem of the Day Nkoranza SHTS: 03pts Kintampo SHS: 02pts Bomaa SHS: 01pts

Round Four – True or False Nkoranza SHTS: 35pts Kintampo SHS: 16pts Bomaa SHS: 16pts Round Five – Riddles Nkoranza SHTS: 38pts Kintampo SHS: 22pts Bomaa SHS: 16pts

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