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NSMQ2021: Mpraeso SHS for progresses to One-eighth stage

Mpraeso SHS has progressed to the One-eighth stage of the National Science & Maths Quiz. Mpraeso SHS joins Okuapemman SHS and Ghana SHS, Koforidua at the One-eighth Stage of the competition. Mpraeso SHS began the contest on an impressive note scoring 23 points. 5 points away from their closest contenders Abuakwa State College. 

They maintained the first position throughout the 5 rounds of the contest while widening the gap after each round. Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics Mpraeso SHS: 23pts Abuakwa State College: 18pts W.B.M Zion SHS: 02pts Round Two – The Speed race Mpraeso SHS: 36pts Abuakwa State College: 24pts W.B.M Zion SHS: 04pts

Round Three – Problem of the Day Mpraeso SHS: 38pts Abuakwa State College: 26pts W.B.M Zion SHS: 04pts Round Four – True or False Mpraeso SHS: 47pts Abuakwa State College: 36pts W.B.M Zion SHS: 09pts Round Five – Riddles Mpraeso SHS: 56pts Abuakwa State College: 36pts W.B.M Zion SHS: 09pts

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