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NSMQ 2023: The Grammarians shock 'Holico'

Unbelievable: shock grabs the students of Holico as Wesley Grammar carries the day.

Wesley Grammar Senior High School has commenced NSMQ 2023 with great optimism. The Grammarians have successfully fended off the challenge from one of the best girls' schools in the Central Region. With Holy Child School out of their way, the grass is now greener beneath their feet, and their focus is firmly on winning the prestigious NSMQ Trophy, one stage at a time.

The triumphant duo, Richmond and Francis, looking ready for the next challenge.

The 30th Anniversary edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz began today, 6th October 2023. As a special part of the 30th Anniversary festivities, this year's NSMQ is being held in two different regions: KNUST in Kumasi and the National Theatre in Accra. This marks the first time that the National Championship is spanning across two regions. KNUST is the venue for the initial four stages of the competition, while the Grand Finale is scheduled to take place at the National Theatre.

Holy Child Girls' were full of smiles as the qualification odds favoured them initially.

The day's competitions kicked off at the Kumapley Auditorium, with Wesley Grammar SHS facing off against Holy Child School and St. Andrews SHS. Notably, St. Andrews SHS is the sole private SHS among these three institutions. At the start of the contest, Holy Child School was seen as the frontrunner for qualification due to their impressive track record in the West African Senior Secondary School Examinations.

Holy Child school started the contest strongly, answering most questions correctly and even securing extra points by responding to bonus questions from St. Andrews SHS. Paula and Eleora from Holy Child answered all questions flawlessly, making it seem like a smooth journey for them.

'Angel Hills Ladies, Holy Child School, continued to demonstrate their strength, with only a single missed question in Round One. They consistently provided excellent answers to all the other questions. They maintained a comfortable lead with 27 points in Round One

, putting them eight points ahead of Wesley Grammar, who secured second place with 19 points. St. Andrews SHS, on the other hand, had eight points, lagging behind by 19 points. Despite this early day triumph for Holy Child School, it was Wesley Grammar SHS that carried the day with 46 points, three points past Holy Child School.

All too soon! the battle has ended for first timers St. Andrews SHS.

Round by Round Scores

Round One General Questions (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

Holy Child School 27

Wesley Grammar 19

St. Andrews SHS 08

Round Two (Pepsodent Speed Race)

Holy Child School 26

Wesley Grammar 24

St. Andrews SHS 09

Round Three (Problem of the Day)

Holy Child School +2 28

Wesley Grammar +6 25

St. Andrews SHS +01 10

Round Four (True/False)

Holy Child School 34

Wesley Grammar 46

St. Andrews SHS 15

Round Five (Riddle)

Holy Child School 43

Wesley Grammar 46

St. Andrews SHS 18

the 30th Anniversary Edition of the NSMQ is proudly brought to you by the Ghana Education Service in partnership with GOIL and supported by JoyNews, AT, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Pepsodent Toothpaste, Beta Malt, GARNET, Coronation Insurance, Academic City University College, Accra College of Medicine, Cowbell, Bel Beverages, GTP, Newmont Ghana, Africa World Airlines, and YFM. This is a Primetime production!


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