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NSMQ 2023: St. John's School makes Quarter-final Stage progression

KNUST Auditorium, October 12, 2023.

Excitement in the outcome delivered by St. John's

The second day of the One-Eighth Stage competitions at the KNUST Auditorium was a source of great excitement. Competing for a chance to advance to the Quarter-final Stage were St. Mary's Boys' SHS, St. John's School, and Ghana Senior High. Each of these three schools showcased remarkable academic skills, yet, in the end, it was St. John's School that emerged as the victor, leading to an early exit for St. Mary's and Ghana Senior High.

The 30th Anniversary edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz kicked off, on October 6, 2023. As an exciting highlight of the 30th Anniversary celebrations, this year's NSMQ is being hosted in two distinct regions: KNUST in Kumasi and National Theatre in Accra. This historic occurrence represents the first time the National Championship spans across two regions. KNUST serves as the venue for the Preliminary four stages of the competition, with the Grand Finale scheduled at the National Theatre.

St. Mary's Boys' SHS versus St. John's School versus Ghana Senior High School.

Ghana Senior High is among the seeded schools from the Eastern Region following an exemplary display of academic excellence in the NSMQ 2022. St. John's School warded off the snare from St. Mary's Boys' SHS in this contest.

In the first round, Mrs. Schwinger's questions were skillfully answered by St. Mary's Boys' making them take the early lead in the race. The rest didn't disappoint. They also followed suite. At a point, Ghana Senior High stumbled and fell on some incorrect answers given. Same for St. John's School, since this is expected on the field of play. St. Mary's Boys kept bagging up some points and experiencing occasional errors along their quest to win this round.

Three protests came from all schools of which two only were upheld giving the respective schools extra points. The Quiz Mistress after the protests from the schools, reconsidered answers provided by St. Mary's Boys' and Ghana Senior High and awarding them two points and three points respectively. Concluding this episode, St. John's nailed it as winners for this round having 16 points, while second placed Ghana Senior High scored 11, and St. Mary's Boys' SHS scored 10 points.

Qualified for Quarterfinals, St. John's School.

Speed Race came early for St. John's as it appeared they had been looking up to it to deliver here. Again, they led the chart by securing 19 points in total by the end of this round, eight and seven points respectively ahead of St. Mary's Boys' and Ghana Senior High. A protest came in here from St. Mary's Boys but was not upheld because Mrs. Schwinger upon perusal still gave zero to the answer attempted by the boys.

Champions of problem for today.

The day's problem rather favoured St. Mary's Boys SHS overtaking St. John's by nine points whereas Ghana Senior High secured extra five points to top up their 12 points from the Speed Race. So herein, St. Mary's Boys fantastically won this round, securing 20 points in total.

St. Mary's Boys' SHS performed admirably in the True/False Stage. However, their efforts couldn't surpass St. John's School's remarkable performance, which secured the first-place position with an excellent score of 38 points. Ghana Senior High substitution hoping that she would contribute positively to her school's score. Unfortunately, her first attempt resulted in an incorrect answer. Ghana Senior High ended up with a total of 27 points. Despite the expectations, no significant improvement was achieved.

Good performance by the boys - St. John's

After St. John's impressive performance in the True/False Stage, their success seemed to carry over into the Riddles section. While they didn't earn any additional points, their initial 38 points were sufficient to secure their place in the contest's final rounds. St. John's now moves on to the Quarter-final Stage, awaiting new challenges in the days to come.

For Ghana Senior High, their total of 27 points wasn't enough to advance, but there's hope for better results in the future. As for St. Mary's Boys', they managed to gain an extra 03 points.

Congratulations to St. John's School for their achievement!

Below are the catalogued Round by Round Scores:

Round One General Questions (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

St. Mary's Boys' SHS 10

St. John's School 16

Ghana Senior High 11

Round Two (Pepsodent Speed Race)

St. Mary's Boys' SHS 11

St. John's School 19

Ghana Senior High 12

Round Three (Problem of the Day)

St. Mary's Boys' SHS +9 20

St. John's School +0 19

Ghana Senior High +5 17

Round Four (True/False)

St. Mary's Boys' SHS 33

St. John's School 38

Ghana Senior High 27

Round Five (Riddle)

St. Mary's Boys' SHS 36

St. John's School 38

Ghana Senior High 27

The 30th Anniversary Edition of the NSMQ is proudly brought to you by the Ghana Education Service in partnership with GOIL and supported by JoyNews, AT, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Pepsodent Toothpaste, Beta Malt, GARNET, Coronation Insurance, Academic City University College, Accra College of Medicine, Cowbell, Bel Beverages, GTP, Newmont Ghana, Africa World Airlines, and YFM. This is a Primetime production!


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