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NSMQ 2022: APSEC snatches first Semifinal spot from "OKESS" in a thrilling contest

Presby SHS, Abetifi has ended the impressive run of Osei Kyeretwie SHS (OKESS) in the NSMQ2022 in a heartbreaking contest at the Saarah-Mensah Auditorium, KNUST. The first Quarterfinal contest of the NSMQ2022 saw Osei Kyeretwie SHS, Presby SHS, Abetifi and Ghanata SHS come head-to-head for the first Semifinal spot in the NSMQ2022. In the end, it was Presby SHS, Abefiti who came out successful.

“Best wishes to all schools”, were the kind words from the Quiz Mistress, Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, who is appearing in the 2022 National Championship for the first time, to the contestants as the first round began. In the first round of questions, the contestants were asked to name parts of the spinal cord. Only Presby SHS, Abetifi secured a point out of this question, the rest had no clue. Closing the round was a correct answer, “(16i-30j)”, from Benjamin of OKESS; however, at the end of Round One, Ghanata SHS had taken the lead with twenty-one (21) points. OKESS came second with nineteen (19) points and Presby SHS, Abetifi had fourteen (14) points.

Packed with action and thrilling moments, the Speed Race, started with a biology preamble for all schools; they dealt with it accordingly. From previous contests, Osei Kyeretwie SHS had always been stronger in Round Two and Round Five. Truly, they employed the maximum capacity of their horsepower and cruised several miles past Abetifi Presby and Ghanata SHS. At the end of Round Two, OKESS had an enormous thirty-three (33) points, Presby SHS, Abetifi had twenty-four (24) points, and Ghanata SHS, who were first in Round One, trailed with twenty (20) points.

Goosebumps and suspense overwhelmed the audience, as Ghanata SHS came back into the contest in Round Three. Although their answer was incomplete due to time constraints, they still managed to secure nine (9) points in their attempt at the Problem of the Day. Here, OKESS’s arsenals had failed them; they got only four (4) points. Presby SHS,  Abetifi, however, did not disappoint, securing eight (8) points with their effort. At this time, the contest was up for grabs by any school that utilized its chances in the succeeding rounds.

Poised for the ultimate prize, all three schools answered their first question in Round Four correctly. They displayed brilliance with renewed energy fueled by intense support for each school in the audience. Benjamin of OKESS was working magic in this round, having almost all answers correct. Despite that outstanding performance from OKESS, Presby SHS, Abetifi still carried the round with one point. The same fireworks ensued in Round Five, however, the last opportunity that would have given OKESS the winning advantage was unfortunately quashed by Benjamin, who provided a wrong answer to the last riddle. In the end, Presby SHS, Abetifi carried the day with 51 points.

Presby SHS, Abetifi will face Mfantsipim School and Prempeh College in the first Semifinal contest scheduled for Sunday 23rd October, 2022 at 9 am GMT.

The scores for each round were as follows; Round One; Abetifi Presby SHS: 14 Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 19 Ghanata SHS: 21 Round Two; Abetifi Presby SHS: 24 Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 33 Ghanata SHS: 20 Round Three; Abetifi Presby SHS: 32 Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 37 Ghanata SHS: 29 Round Four; Abetifi Presby SHS: 48 Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 47 Ghanata SHS: 36 Round Five; Abetifi Presby SHS: 51 Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 50 Ghanata SHS: 36

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