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NMSQ2022: The “Zebra Boys” graze their way into the Quarter Finals

The 24th contest of the One-Eighth Stage of the 2022 National Championship took place at the Kumapley Auditorium, KNUST, in an ‘undomesticated battle’ among Adisadel College (the Zebra Boys), Koforidua Secondary Technical School (Koforidua Sec. Tech), and Acherensua SHS. The only audible words the lay audience could deduce from the enchanting, blood-curdling, Spine-chilling, and hair-raising, school anthem of Adisadel College at this point was “Pontius Pilate.” Even so, the two other contenders looked ready for the battle ahead.

“Find the number ‘n’ of terms, such that the sum of the first ‘n’ terms of the given linear series is zero,” was the first question read by the eloquent Quiz Mistress, Dr Thelma Ohene-Agyei, in Round One. Koforidua SHS was given the numbers (50, 46, 42, and 38…); Ntim Kumi’s answer “26” was accepted by the Quiz Mistress. Acherensua SHS was given (-36, -30, -24, and -18...); Charles Adu’s answer, “n is equal to 13” was correct. Adisadel College also had their answer right. The battle had just begun.

At the end of Round One, Adisadel College led the contest with seventeen (17) points, Koforidua Sec. Tech followed with twelve (12) points, and Acherensua SHS had eight (8) points. The Koforidua Sec. Tech Boys were the first to attempt the Speed Race; their attempt was unsuccessful. Adisadel College who had taken their time to exhaust the clues mentioned by the Quiz Mistress got the points for it. The 'grazing' on the two schools by the Zebra boys started in this round.

At the end of Round Two, Adisadel College had gained twenty-nine (29) points, Koforidua Sec. Tech had fourteen (14) points and Acherensua SHS trailed with six (6) points. All three schools could not handle the Problem of the Day in Round Three. Both Acherensua SHS and Koforidua Sec. Tech had zero scores in their attempt at the Problem of the Day. Adisadel College also had a near-satisfactory score of four (4) points, taking their total point count to thirty-three (33). Acherensua SHS remained at six (6) points and Koforidua Sec. Tech had fourteen (14) points.

In Round Four, the two contenders answered correctly to the first preamble, whilst the contestants of Acherensua SHS were still mustering their courage. Ending the round, Adisadel College had a massive forty-six (46) points, Koforidua Sec. Tech got twenty-seven (27) points, and Acherensua SHS had only one (1) point. The duel for supremacy continued between Koforidua Sec. Tech and Adisadel College in Round Five, however, it was the Zebra Boys who came out victorious, ending the contest with fifty-two (52) points.

The scores for each round were as follows; Round One; Adisadel College: 17 Koforidua Sec. Tech: 12 Acherensua SHS: 08

Round Two; Adisadel College: 29 Koforidua Sec. Tech: 14 Acherensua SHS: 06 Round Three; Adisadel College: 33 Koforidua Sec. Tech: 14 Acherensua SHS: 06 Round Four: Adisadel College: 46 Koforidua Sec. Tech: 27 Acherensua SHS: 01 Round Five; Adisadel College: 52 Koforidua Sec. Tech: 30 Acherensua SHS: 01

The National Science & Maths Quiz is sponsored by the Ghana Education Service, in partnership with Absa Bank, and supported by Joy News, GOIL, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, AirtelTigo, GNPC, Dano Milk, Newmont Ghana, Puma Drinks, Academic City University College, Accra College of Medicine, Zipline, Studio HD and YFM. This is a Primetime Production.

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