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'It had to be Presec!' Accra Aca gets a standing ovation despite losing

Saarah-Mensah Auditorium, October 17, 2023

uncontrollable joy from the Presec team

What an intense contest it was! Accra Academy was determined not to suffer a second defeat to Presec, Legon in the same year. The Bleoo boys truly fought fiercely during the last Quarter-final match in the NSMQ 2023. However, despite their efforts, it was Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Presec Legon, who emerged victorious, having previously defeated Accra Aca and Tema Methodist SHS to secure the Greater Accra Regional Championship. Despite their determination to break Presec's dominance, the Bleoo boys faced another painful loss at the National Championship, securing 58 points in this contest.

Presec lead the competition from Round One

The room was brimming with emotions as the flawless Quiz Mistress, Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, commended Accra Academy. She expressed her empathy, noting, "It's painful to see Accra Academy exit the competition with 58 points." The atmosphere grew even more emotional as she reminded everyone that in this competition, there can only be one winner per contest, no matter how many points the losing side accumulates. The closing scenes were simply captivating and heartwarming. Both students and fans of Presec united in applause, showing their appreciation for Accra Academy's impressive performance.

Accra Academy started well

Undoubtedly, it had to be Presec. None of the semifinalists managed to accumulate 58 points in their qualifying contests, with the closest being Prempeh College at 57 points. When we compare head-to-head, it's clear that Accra Academy outperformed all the other eighth semifinalists, even though they are exiting the contest.

Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Presec Legon, has a rich history in the NSMQ. In fact, Presec stands as the most successful school in the history of the competition, boasting unmatched achievements. This year, despite being defending champions, Presec Boys have maintained their determination and focus. Phrases like "Our God is gr8" and "We domin8" have become their rallying cries as they strive for an eighth trophy. These are not just empty words; Presec is backing them up with their actions. Year after year, they consistently invest energy and resources to train and prepare their participants for the NSMQ.

Congratulations to Accra Aca for their impressive performance

One of Presec Boys' greatest strengths lies in their alumni support. They have a formidable alumni association, the Odade3 Global Association, which remains closely connected and actively involved with the school, providing both financial and moral support to NSMQ contestants each year. The outstanding performance of Presec in the NSMQ is no accident; it is a result of hard work, dedication, an unyielding spirit, and sheer brilliance. Presec secured 64 points in total surpassing Accra Academy with only five (05) points.

Congratulations to both Presec, Legon, and Accra Academy for showcasing brilliance and exemplary academic prowess that serves as an inspiration to all.

Scores for each Round stood as follows:

Round One, General Questions (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

PRESEC, Legon 28

Accra Academy 26


Round Two (Pepsodent Speed Race)

PRESEC, Legon 40

Accra Academy 33


Round Three (Problem of the Day)

PRESEC, Legon 7/10

Accra Academy 5/10

GSTS 5/10

Round Four (True/False)

PRESEC, Legon 60

Accra Academy 48


Round Five (Riddle)

PRESEC, Legon 63

Accra Academy 58


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