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Photonics, Engineering and more #STEM giants kick-off #MentorshipSessions

“Look at where you want to be in the next two years and challenge yourself to get the skills you need to get there”.- Dr. Kofi .J. Brobbey, Photonics Ghana Dr. Kofi J. Brobbey of Photonics Ghana shared his journey with science and how he managed to pursue a career in Photonics, although he had failed in chemistry at the lower levels of his education. Rewatch the full session via Facebook. Jul 16 - Ohemaa Adjei Andoh, Girls in Science & Technology (GIST)
"How are you selling yourself professionally? If you want to be recognized and progress in any field, make sure you are visible. Let us see the good things you are doing."- Ohemaa Adjei Andoh, Founder of Girls in Science & Technology (GIST)

The second Mentorship Session featured Ohemaa Adjei Andoh, an engineer and founder of Girls in Science & Technology (GIST), a platform that seeks to mentor young girls to pursue careers in STEM by exposing them to women leaders in STEM to kindle an interest in the field. Watch the recap of Ohemaa’s session on

Facebook. Jul 19 - Dr. Lucy Agyepong & Benedict Amoako, Academic City University College

“If you look around you today, there are so many new jobs that look nothing like the jobs of yester-year…we believe that the future of work lies in three key areas: robotics engineering, artificial intelligence, and biomedical engineering”.- Dr. Lucy Agyepong, Associate Dean, Engineering & Informatics, Academic City University College On the third day, the session featured two mentors from Academic City University College; Dr. Lucy Agyepong, the Associate Dean, Engineering & Informatics, and Benedict Amoako, a Final Year Student studying IT. Benedict showcased his love for robotics with a live demonstration of a robot nicknamed “cosmo-bot”, while Dr. Agyepong shared her perspective on the future of work, and the importance of STEM in that regard. Watch the session again via Facebook. Jul 20 - Dr. Philip Anderson, Roche Pharmaceuticals
“Many of us found a way outside the mainstream medical practice and our traditional medical schools hardly prepared us for that.”- Dr. Philip Anderson, the Country Manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals, speaking on the ways to bridge the gap between schoolwork and real-world industry expectations.

As a medical doctor with an MBA, Dr. Philip Anderson’s Mentorship session focused on highlighting alternative career routes in the field of medicine. He challenged the audience to consider developing perspectives and skills outside of their schoolwork. Rewatch the session via Facebook. Jul 21 - Setriakor Nyomi, Grey Parrot Interactive Ltd.

“I always believe that my best achievement is my next one, so I will never stop.”- Setriakor Nyomi, Founder, Grey Parrot Interactive Ltd

Facebook. Jul 22 - Dr. Justice Boakye-Appiah, Medical Doctor & Research Vaccinologist

“The most successful people are those who understand human interactions…above every other thing, you must have good people skills.”- Justice Boakye-Appiah, Medical Doctor & Research Vaccinologist

As one of the researchers working on the development of the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Justice Boakye-Appiah provided unique insights from his perspective as a medical doctor who branched into research and vaccinology. He recounted his fond memories of his time at PRESEC - Legon, where he served as Head Boy and a member of the NSMQ 2007 team. Catch his tips for making it in STEM via

Facebook. Jul 23 - Dr. Laud Anthony Basing, CEO, Incas Diagnostics

“Talent abounds in Ghana. What is missing is opportunity”- Dr. Laud Anthony Basing, CEO, Incas Diagnostics

Facebook. The Mentorship Sessions are live Monday to Friday at 5 pm on Joy Learning on TV and the NSMQ and STEM Festival Facebook pages.

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