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NSMQ2022: Heartbreak for Suhum PRESEC as KWABOTWE progress

Presby SHS, Suhum, Mfantsipim School, and Techiman SHS engaged in one of the fiercest battles for a slot in the Quarterfinals. The tussle however ended in heartbreak for Suhum Presby SHS who had their breakthrough to the Quarter Finals stolen at the ‘11th hour’ by the resilient Mfantsipim School.

The contest started slowly in Round One (1) with none of the three schools being able to answer any of their first set of questions, however, Mfantsipim School set the ball rolling with a correct answer to their second question and also picked a bonus point from Techiman SHS. At the end of Round One (1), it was Presby SHS, Suhum, who had the leading advantage with twenty (20) points.

In the speed race, Techiman SHS picked the first three points, closing the gap between themselves and Mfantsipim School. At this point, the contest was still open to all three schools. The power-play and equal opportunity available to each school made the contest interesting and suspenseful. At the end of Round Two (2), only eight (8) points separated the round winner, Presby SHS at twenty-three (23) points, and Techiman SHS who came last with fifteen (15) points.

All three schools scored two (2) points in Round Three (3), Taking Suhum Presby SHS to twenty-five (25) points, Mfantsipim School to nineteen (19) points, and Techiman SHS to seventeen (17) points. This implied that whoever utilized their chances in the succeeding rounds would carry the day. Suhum Presby SHS had led all three rounds. The contest got more interesting in Round Four (4) as the shaky leadership of Suhum Presby SHS collapsed. Mfantsipim School took over the leadership baton with one point over Suhum Presby SHS. Only a six (6) point gap existed between Mfantsipim and Techiman SHS at this point. The chilling moments and the suspense continued into the last round of the contest.

In Round Five (5), Mfantsipim answered the first riddle correctly, narrowly widening the gap between themselves and Suhum Presby, but got their points deducted for answering the next riddle wrongly. Suhum Presby caught up with them with a correct answer to the next riddle, however, the ever-resilient contestants of Mfantsipim School wouldn’t rest without a fight! They answered the last riddle correctly and won the contest by a one-point margin.

Scores for each round were as follows; Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics; Presby SHS, Suhum:          20 Mfantsipim School:           19 Techiman SHS:                  14 Round Two – The Speed Race; Presby SHS, Suhum:          23 Mfantsipim SHS:               18 Techiman SHS:                  15

Round Three – Problem of the Day; Presby SHS, Suhum:         25 Mfantsipim SHS:              19 Techiman SHS:                 17 Round Four – True or False; Mfantsipim SHS:              33 Presby SHS, Suhum:        32 Techiman SHS:                 27 Round Five – Riddles; Mfantsipim SHS:             39 Presby SHS, Suhum:       38 Techiman SHS:                27 The 2022 edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz is sponsored by the Ghana Education Service, in partnership with Absa Bank, and supported by Joy News, GOIL, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, AirtelTigo, Dano Milk, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), Newmont Ghana, Puma Drinks, Accra College of Medicine, Academic City University College, YFM and Studio HD. This is a Primetime Production!

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