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NSMQ2021: Fiaseman SHS tops Tarkwa SHS, Bibiani SHTS in 3rd Western Zonal Contest

Fiaseman SHS, or "the royals" as they are affectionately called, came from the second position at the end of the first round and toppled Bibiani SHTS to win the third Prelims contest in the Western Zone. Fiaseman SHS maintained a convincing lead throughout the remaining rounds securing a spot in the One-eighth Stage of the competition with 35 points. Their closest contender, Bibiani SHTS scored 23 points, with Tarkwa SHS garnering 14 points.

Here is a breakdown of the scores Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics Bibiani SHTS: 12pts Fiaseman SHS: 08pts Tarkwa SHS: 02pts Round Two – The Speed race Bibiani SHTS: 11pts Fiaseman SHS: 11pts Tarkwa SHS: 11pts

Round Three – Problem of the Day Fiaseman SHS: 16pts Tarkwa SHS: 16pts Bibiani SHTS: 12pts Round Four – True or False Fiaseman SHS: 29pts Tarkwa SHS: 17pts Bibiani SHTS: 14pts Round Five – Riddles Fiaseman SHS: 35pts Tarkwa SHS: 23pts Bibiani SHTS: 14pts

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