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NSMQ 2023: 'OWASS' books second seat at Grand Finale

Saarah-Mensah Auditorium, October 19, 2023.

Today marked a significant event in NSMQ 2023 at the Saarah-Mensah Auditorium. After much anticipation, we witnessed a fiercely competitive academic challenge during the Semi-final Stage. Three esteemed schools, Prempeh College, Pope John SHS & Minor Seminary, and Opoku Ware School, showcased their intellectual prowess. The auditorium was brimming with enthusiastic spectators, mainly students from the participating schools. Opoku Ware School emerged as the champions with 38 points

Opoku Ware takes the lead to NSMQ finals.

The 30th Anniversary edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz kicked off, on October 6, 2023. As an exciting highlight of the 30th Anniversary celebrations, this year's NSMQ is being hosted in two distinct regions: KNUST in Kumasi and National Theatre in Accra. This historic occurrence represents the first time the National Championship spans across two regions. KNUST serves as the venue for the Preliminary four stages of the competition, with the Grand Finale scheduled at the National Theatre.

Opoku Ware leads in the 1st round.

All three schools were seeded based on their outstanding performance in the 2022 NSMQ. Their remarkable display of excellence during today's competition thrilled the audience, making it a contest truly worth witnessing.

The first round kicked off with both Pope John and Prempeh College earning bonus points, with Opoku Ware School joining the action later, adding points for correct answers. The competition intensified as the knowledgeable Effah Kaufmann posed questions that the teams skillfully answered. The preamble, which preceded all school responses, often saw Opoku Ware taking the lead.

Problem of the day at play with a Physics question.

The second round commenced with all three schools eagerly taking on the challenging Pepsodent Speed Race questions. Opoku Ware School (OWASS) and Pope John Seminary set the stage for a fierce competition right from the start. OWASS displayed their superior knowledge and skills, leading with an impressive 23 points, while Pope John (POJOBA) and Prempeh College closely followed with 17 and 16 points, respectively. OWASS's ability to answer the majority of the questions in this round proved to be a pivotal moment in the competition.

The Problem of the Day which was a physics question, didn't go well for all three schools - difficult it seemed. In the end, Prempeh College led with four (4) out of 10. Three (3) out of 10 for Pope John and Opoku Ware School had two (2) out of 10. Prempeh led this round. Kudos!

A1 performance corroborated by OWASS today at Semi-finals.

Pope John excelled in the True False stage, leading with a total of 36 points, a significant improvement from their 20 points in the previous round. They consistently answered questions correctly, securing more points. The room was filled with tension as Prempeh College and Opoku Ware School accelerated their efforts to catch up. Both schools displayed their academic prowess, with Opoku Ware School accumulating a final total of 35 points, closely followed by Prempeh College with 33 points. While Prempeh performed well, some technical errors in their answers prevented them from achieving the highest score.

The riddles determined the winner. The scholars from Opoku Ware School (OWASS) made a crucial move by correctly answering a question in this round, earning their school an extra point. This solidified their position as winners, securing their place in the finals. Opoku Ware School managed to outperform Prempeh College and Pope John, finishing with a golden lead of 2 points ahead. Prempeh College and Pope John Seminary found themselves in a tie, both having accumulated a total of 36 points each. While Opoku Ware School celebrated their victory, Prempeh College received a GHS 600 reward from Goil Super Bonanza, a prize that Opoku Ware School also received.

Meet the Opoku Ware wining team that brought home victory.

The Round-by-Round Scores for this contest stood as follows:

Round One General Questions (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

Prempeh College 12

Pope John SHS & Min. Seminary 13

Opoku Ware School 16

Round Two (Pepsodent Speed Race)

Prempeh College 16

Pope John SHS & Min. Seminary 17

Opoku Ware School 23

Round Three (Problem of the Day)

Prempeh College +4 20

Pope John SHS & Min. Seminary +3 20

Opoku Ware School +2 25

Round Four (True/False)

Prempeh College 33

Pope John SHS & Min. Seminary 36

Opoku Ware School 35

Round Five (Riddle)

Prempeh College 36

Pope John SHS & Min. Seminary 36

Opoku Ware School 38

The 30th Anniversary Edition of the NSMQ is proudly brought to you by the Ghana Education Service in partnership with GOIL and supported by JoyNews, AT, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Pepsodent Toothpaste, Beta Malt, GARNET, Coronation Insurance, Academic City University College, Accra College of Medicine, Cowbell, Bel Beverages, GTP, Newmont Ghana, Africa World Airlines, and YFM. This is a Primetime production!


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