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Zuweira Baba Mohammed: The #NSMQ2017 Star Breaking Boundaries In Medicine And Surgery

The 3rd episode of the NSMQLiveChat is imminent! March came with much joy; the eclipse is on the 9th. The Northern pride, Zuweira Baba Mohammed, Tamale SHS NSMQ alumna 2017 will grace the NSMQLiveChat on Thursday, 9th March 2023, 5 pm - 6 pm. This is noteworthy! 

In the 2017 National Championship, Tamale SHS captured the hearts of Ghanaians with an impressive display led by Zuweira Baba Mohammed and Yunus Maltiti Mohammed. The team narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Semifinals after a nerve-wracking contest with University Practice SHS and KNUST SHS. Before the contest's final round, University Practice had 48 points, with a 13-point lead ahead of Tamale SHS whilst KNUST SHS trailed with 33 points. In the fifth round, TAMASCO answered 4/4 riddles to send the contest to a tie-breaker, which was coolly answered by UPSHS to win. 

In the next NSMQ Live Chat, we sit down with the Best Female Contestant at #NSMQ2017, Zuweira Baba Mohammed. Here's a profile on one of the most notable names in recent history.


Zuweira Baba Mohammed is a driven and accomplished young Ghanaian medical student who has distinguished herself through academic excellence and a commitment to positively impacting her community. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Cape Coast, Zuweira has received numerous awards for her academic achievements. She is also a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, a prestigious award recognizing young Africans with leadership qualities and high potential to study in universities and become change agents in their communities.

As an HIV/Hepatitis B tester and counselor, Zuweira educates people on the importance of getting tested and taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of these diseases. Her volunteer work demonstrates her commitment to improving the health of her community and promoting awareness about important health issues. Zuweira's dedication to service extends beyond healthcare, as she is also an Official Campus Ambassador for Verify Ghana, a freelance verification and background check company. In this role, she uses her public speaking and presentation skills to promote the company and its services.

Zuweira's commitment to excellence and service is evident in all aspects of her life, including her academic achievements and extracurricular activities. In addition to her academic accomplishments, Zuweira is an alumnus of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), having competed with Tamale Secondary School in 2017. This reflects her intellectual curiosity and desire to continuously challenge herself and learn new things. As a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, Zuweira is an example of young Africans using their education to impact their communities positively. Her commitment to healthcare and community service is a testament to her leadership qualities and potential to become a change agent in her community. With her dedication to excellence and service, Zuweira is a role model for young people everywhere, inspiring them to pursue their passions and positively impact their communities.

The #NSMQLiveChat is a LIVE virtual conversation featuring some of the most notable names on the NSMQ Stage since its inception. Every fortnight on Thursdays, we spotlight and interact with the myriad of brilliant minds who have made the NSMQ the programme we all love and enjoy.


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