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NSMQ2023: Aburi Girls' SHS Stands Tall with 55 Shots

Saarah-Mensah Auditorium, 8th October, 2023.

Today, the Eastern Region faced off against the Upper East Region and the Greater Accra Region in the Prelims. The question on everyone's mind was, who would secure a spot in the One-eighth stage? All eyes were on Aburi Girls' SHS, who entered the Prelims with an impressive 60 points from the Regional Qualifiers. They were eagerly hoping to qualify for the next level of the competition. The Royal Beads team, with their remarkable performance, fired 55 bullets against their competitors, emerging as conquerors when the curtains fell.

Eastern Region - Aburi, vs Upper East Region - Bongo vs Greater Accra Region - Tema in academic bout.

Yes, indeed! The formidable ladies from Aburi Girls' SHS did not disappoint as they took control of this first round with authority. Beatrice Amoah and Ericka Otubea Labbi displayed impressive knowledge by answering most questions correctly. In fact, they added two additional bonus points to Aburi Girls' score sheet with their accurate responses.

In this round, the ladies run the show, outperforming the boys from Tema Methodist and Bongo SHS in every aspect. Aburi Girls secured a resounding victory with a 24-point lead, leaving the boys behind with 17 and 12 points respectively for Tema Methodist and Bongo SHS.

Eastern powers prevailed against the Upper East and Accra.

The same remarkable performance was repeated in the Pepsodent Speed Race, where Aburi Girls' once again demonstrated their dominance. They proved to be an unassailable force in this contest, and their success came as no surprise, even when they lodged a protest against a question posed by the Quiz Mistress, a question they had previously answered correctly.

The Royal Beads team emerged victorious in the Pepsodent Speed Race, showcasing their agility and quick thinking by amassing an impressive 38 points. This put them well ahead of the boys from Bongo SHS, who scored 26 points, and Tema Methodist SHS, who lagged with 19 points.

Participants of Tema SHS trying their best to better their chances

Aburi Girls' and Bongo SHS faced a significant challenge in the Problem of the Day where Aburi Girls' scored four (4) out of 10, which was not their best performance, and Bongo SHS struggled with a score of only one (1) out of 10. In contrast, Tema Methodist showed improvement by securing an additional six points to add to their previous 19 points.

However, despite the efforts of Tema Methodist, the Eastern Region remained strong with a total score of 42 points, putting them in the lead, while Tema Methodist had an overall score of 25 points. Unfortunately, it was a tough day for Bongo SHS, and their performance was less than satisfactory.

Emerging champions at prelims.

Aburi Girls continued to shine, leading the way with an impressive score of 52 points at the end of the True-False section of the contest. The competition had been intense, with the girls showcasing their knowledge and skill. Bongo SHS secured 20 points, and Tema Methodist faced some challenges, with a score of 35 points. Ultimately, it was Aburi Girls' who emerged as champions of the day.

Micheal and Philip making Accra proud at riddles.

Tema Methodist had a stroke of luck as the riddles played to their advantage. They managed to climb up from their initial 35 points, adding an impressive nine points to their score. Despite their hard work and determination, it still wasn't enough to overcome the formidable challenge posed by Aburi Girls' SHS. The 'mountain of knowledge' represented by Aburi Girls' proved to be too formidable for the valiant efforts of Tema Methodist. However, it's worth acknowledging their commendable performance. In recognition of their efforts, Tema Methodist received the Goil Riddle Bonanza with GHS 800 for their strong performance at this stage.

Aburi Girl's SHS victorious at the end of the contest.

Beatrice Amoah and Ericka Otubea Labbi thrilled the audience with their academic prowess, making Aburi Girls' the standout team at the Saarah-Mensah Auditorium. They shot an impressive 55 points, leaving Bongo SHS and Tema Methodist with respective scores of 20 and 44 points. Aburi Girls' truly excelled, and we look forward to seeing them in excellent form at the one-eighth stage. Congratulations to Aburi Girls' on their well-deserved victory!"

Here are the Scores at the end of the contest:

Round One General Questions (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)

Aburi Girls' SHS 24

Bongo SHS 12

Tema Methodist SHS 17

Round Two (Pepsodent Speed Race)

Aburi Girls' SHS 38

Bongo SHS 12

Tema Methodist SHS 19

Round Three (Problem of the Day)

Aburi Girls' SHS +04 42

Bongo SHS +01 13

Tema Methodist SHS +06 25

Round Four (True/False)

Aburi Girls' SHS 52

Bongo SHS 20

Tema Methodist 35

Round Five (Riddle)

Aburi Girls SHS 55

Bongo SHS 20

Tema Methodist SHS 44

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