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NSMQ2022: Presec Legon equals “Adisco’s” Record, Make it four Finals in a row

The Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School, Legon, have once again announced a commanding presence in the National Championship of the National Science and Maths Quiz. This year’s Final qualification makes it the fourth in a row for the “Christian Gentlemen", a feat only Adisadel College could boast of previously. Competing for the second Final spot in an action-packed contest with St. James Seminary and Kumasi High School, the Six-time Champions demonstrated why they hold numerous records in the highly revered and widely accepted National Science and Maths Quiz competition.

Starting the contest in high spirits, the contestants were poised to bring glory to their schools with a progression to the next stage of the competition, however, the Semifinal Questions had the better part of the day. All three schools struggled with their questions in Round One. At the end of the first round, St. James Seminary had given the “Blue Magicians” a good fight, whilst Kumasi High School was nowhere to be found. PRESEC, Legon got nineteen (19) points; St. James Seminary attained eighteen (18) points and Kumasi High School secured seven (07) points.

That notwithstanding, the contest began to take shape in the second round as the perseverance of PRESEC, Legon, started to pay off. The PRESEC Boys set themselves miles apart from their fellow contestants. They obtained thirteen (13) points more in the second round leaving behind St. James Seminary who got only one (1) point, and Kumasi High School who did not get any points in this round. Again, the Problem of the Day got the better part of the contest as all three schools had zero scores in their efforts to solve it.

PRESEC cast the magic wand on the contest in Round Four where they answered almost all the questions correctly. St. James Seminary followed suit with an improved performance whilst Kumasi High School lost two (2) points in their failed attempt to secure some points in this round. Concluding the round, Presby Boys’ Secondary School secured forty-five (45) points; St. James Seminary had thirty-five (35) points, and Kumasi High School also earned five (05) points.

The sic-time NSMQ Champions went ahead to answer two riddles correctly in Round Five and ended the contest with fifty-one (51) points. The contestants of Kumasi High School consoled themselves with one correct answer in the final round, ending the contest with eight (8) points, whilst the lads from St. James were unsuccessful in their attempt to secure points in the final round, ending the contest with their Round Four score, thirty (35) points. Presbyterian Boy’s Secondary School picked the AirtelTigo Highest Scorer award for the second time in the National Championship.

PRESEC-Legon will face Prempeh College and Adisadel College in the Grand Finale scheduled for Wednesday 26th October, 2022 at the Great Hall, KNUST.

The total Points attained for each round were as follows;

Round One; Presec, Legon: 19 St. James Seminary: 18 Kumasi High School: 07

Round Two; Presec, Legon: 32 St. James Seminary: 19 Kumasi High School: 07 Round Three; Presec, Legon: 32 St. James Seminary: 19 Kumasi High School: 07

Round Four; Presec, Legon: 45 St. James Seminary: 35 Kumasi High School: 05 Round Five; Presec, Legon: 51 St. James Seminary: 35 Kumasi High School: 08

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