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NSMQ2022: ‘Mmeranteɛ’ rise high to the Semis.

Kumasi High School (KUHIS) has had a remarkable journey in the 2022 National Championship. They outshined in their preliminary Stage Contest against Adiembra SHS and Samuel Otu Presby SHS, and managed to unseed KNUST SHS at the One-eighth Stage, ushering them into the Quarter-Finals Stage.

On the second day of the Quarterfinals at the Saarah-Mensah Auditorium, the stage was set for a showdown involving Kumasi High School (KUHIS), Bishop Herman College (BIHECO) and St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem. (XAVIER). Once again, the ‘Mmeranteɛ’ were here to impress and make a name for themselves. 

The first round of the contest witnessed a tight competition between KUHIS and XAVIER. Both schools swept away points from answering most of their questions correctly. At the end of the round, KUHIS stood in the lead with 28 points with XAVIER coming close with 25 points. BIHECO did their best and secured some 12 points as well.  

The second round of the contest did not record impressive scores from all three schools. But KUHIS proved that it was indeed a speed race as they sped up in the lead with 36 points. St. Francis Xavier and Bishop Herman College after putting in efforts to see a push forward rather lost a mark each from their end-of-round one scores. 

It seemed as though the "Problem of the Day" was a problem for the boys from St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem earning them no points for the answers they provided. The contestants from both Kumasi High School and Bishop Herman College proceeded through some of the required steps to the answer but shortened their success to earn the perfect score. 

In the ‘True or False’ round, Kumasi High School came close to claiming the ‘clean sheet’ title as well but missed out after answering the penultimate question wrongly. It was an interesting round to witness especially with the chants and cheers from the supporters of KUHIS. The contest ended on a joyful note for the ‘Mmeranteɛ’ as they "rose high" over BIHECO and XAVIER to the Semifinals. 

Kumasi High School will face St. James Sem. SHS and PRESEC - Legon in the second Semifinal Contest scheduled for Sunday 23rd October, 2022 at 1 pm.

Here are the round-by-round scores of the second contest of the day at the Saarah-Mensah Auditorium.

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

Kumasi High  School- 28pts St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem. - 25pts Bishop Herman College - 12pts

Round Two – The Speed Race

Kumasi High  School- 36pts St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem. - 24pts Bishop Herman College - 11pts

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Kumasi High  School- 4/10 Bishop Herman College - 4/10 St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem. - 0/10

Round Four – True or False

Kumasi High  School- 53pts St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem. - 28pts Bishop Herman College - 25pts

Round Five – Riddles

Kumasi High  School- 59pts St. Francis Xavier Jr. Sem. - 31pts Bishop Herman College - 25pts

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