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NSMQ2021: Ghana SHS is first school to qualify from Prelims in Eastern Region

Ghana Senior High School in Koforidua is the first to qualify to the One-eighth stage of the National Science & Maths Quiz competition from the Preliminary Stage in the Eastern Region. Ghana SHS beat Ofori Panin SHS and Saviour SHS in all rounds of the contest. The winners picked three points in the Problem of the Day round while Saviour SHS and Ofori Panin SHS picked 2 points and 1 point respectively.

Here is a breakdown of the scores Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics Ghana SHS, Koforidua: 19pts Ofori Panin SHS: 12pts Saviour SHS: 06pts Round Two – The Speed race Ghana SHS, Koforidua: 27pts Ofori Panin SHS: 22pts Saviour SHS: 11pts

Round Three – Problem of the Day Ghana SHS, Koforidua: 30pts Ofori Panin SHS: 23pts Saviour SHS: 13pts Round Four – True or False Ghana SHS, Koforidua: 44pts Ofori Panin SHS: 37pts Saviour SHS: 22pts Round Five – Riddles Ghana SHS, Koforidua: 50pts Ofori Panin SHS: 37pts Saviour SHS: 22pts

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