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NSMQ History Maker: A Profile of Samuel Appiah Kubi

"The phenomenal innovations that stem from technology to aid people in their daily lives fuel my love for the field."- Samuel Appiah-Kubi, NSMQ 2015 Finalist - Adisadel College

In 2015, Adisadel College a.k.a. ADISCO made it to the NSMQ Finale for the first time. Leading the team was the charismatic Samuel Appiah-Kubi and Bennet Brown. In a closely contested final contest with Prempeh College and University Practice SHS, Adisadel College was unable to clinch the NSMQ Trophy, losing out Prempeh College by a 3-point margin. Up until the very last riddle, the contest was close and could have been won by any of the three competing schools. Despite finishing in 2nd place, ADISCO made their mark in 2015, establishing a clear path to finals glory and determination. It was therefore not surprising when ADISCO returned to the NSMQ Finale the next year and won it assuredly in 2016. As fate would have it, Samuel Appiah-Kubi was present to see his school finish the work he started, beaming with pride and joy. 5 years after his fantastical performance on the NSMQ stage, Samuel Appiah-Kubi has settled into life as a computer science enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for technology. The Adisadel College Alumnus went on to obtain a BSc in Computer Science from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina (USA) with a BSc in Computer Science from 2016-2020. Currently, he spends his time working as part of a youth volunteer initiative - CodeAfrique - that seeks to raise awareness of computer science and entrepreneurship. In a few months time, he is set to begin a career as a Software Engineer at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.

Join us at 6 pm tonight, as we catch up with Samuel, and learn more about his life beyond the legendary ADISCO days, college at Duke University, his love for computer science, and so much more. It promises to be a light-hearted conversation, reminiscing about the NSMQ and life in general via Instagram #NSMQ2020


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