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NSMQ 2023: YIKROSEC students arrive home to a warm reception

October 18, 2023.

the majestic moment Yilo Krobo heroes arrived in Somanya

The participants of Yilo Krobo Senior High School have returned home from the National Science & Maths Quiz 2023, to a warm reception by the entire Somanya township, following their impressive journey to the Quarter-final Stage. This serves as a testament to the competition's fairness and the opportunities it presents for any school aspiring to reach greater heights in the NSMQ. The competition has permeated all segments of Ghanaian society, with people from all backgrounds fully engaged in the programme's proceedings.

the students of Yilo Krobo leading the welcome march

Starting from the Preliminary Stage of the 30th Anniversary of the National Science & Maths Quiz, the students from Yilo Krobo Senior High School displayed exemplary efforts. They achieved this by defeating the renowned Grade A school, St. Monica's SHS, and Atebubu SHS, with an impressive score of 52 points. This victory propelled them to advance to the One-eighth Stage of the competition.

Krobo is shining bright!

Determined to obtain a seed in the competition for the first time, Yilo Krobo SHS participants strived for greatness by deploying intelligible arsenals that shook the defence of St. Hubert SHS and the more popular Fijai SHS, in Kumasi. This remarkable display of academic excellence shot them to achieve their dream—an impressive advancement to the highly coveted Quarterfinal Stage, which also earned them an automatic seed in next year's NSMQ

Students throng the street to welcome their heroes

The entire Krobo land shines with pride, as even the well-known Krobo Girls' SHS couldn't meet the high expectations. In times of apparent trouble, the less renowned Yilo Krobo Senior High School emerged as the unexpected 'David' to triumph. Congratulations to Yilo Krobo SHS for their outstanding performance in the 30th Anniversary Edition of the NSMQ. Ayekoo!"


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