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NSMQ 2023: Obiri Yeboah SHS Leaves Archbishop Porter Girls' SHS hanging

The One-eighth Stage bus of the 30th Anniversary edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz is now ready to depart. Nine schools have already reserved their seats on this bus. To secure their place in this journey of progress, the first three contenders of 'Day 2' had to go head-to-head at the KNUST SHS 'arena'. Awurama Darko and Linda Boakye represented the fan-favorite team, Archbishop Porter Girls' School, facing off against Obiri Yeboah SHS and Samuel Otu Presby SHS. In the end, Obiri Yeboah SHS emerged as the victors, earning their ticket to move forward.

OYESS students full of smiles with their first impression

On the second day of the Prelims contests in the NSMQ 2023 National Championship, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. Another day, Saturday, October 7th, 2023, had dawned, casting a new light on the event. Participants gathered with excitement, ready to embark on a challenging journey akin to a marathon. At the 2023 Western Regional Qualifiers, Archbishop Porter Girls' SHS secured a resounding victory over Ahantaman Girls' SHS, Prestea Girls' SHS and Manso Amenfi SHS with a commanding 50 points. This feat, everyone hoped, would have been effortlessly replicated at the Prelims, however, that was not the case.

In the first round of the contest, Obiri Yeboah SHS truly distinguished themselves by claiming the top spot. Their exceptional performance and dedication to excellence were evident throughout this initial stage. While Archbishop Porter Girls' SHS were similarly brilliant in the Round One, Obiri Yeboah SHS left no room for mistakes.

Full of anticipation, OYESS is poised for victory.

James Kesse Owusu of Samuel Otu Presby SHS shared his thoughts with the Quiz Mistress at the KNUST Auditorium, acknowledging that their journey from the "Regional Qualifiers had been challenging." However, he expressed optimism, saying, "We hope to deliver a stronger performance this time around." Despite these resounding statements, their dreams were cut short by the firepower of the Obiri Yeboah SHS (OYESS)

Similarly, Awurama Ntiamoah, representing Archbishop Porter Girls' SHS, acknowledged that this year's competitions, beginning with the Regional Qualifiers, "have been quite tough." She reiterated that despite these challenges, they managed to advance to the finals of the Regional Championship, securing a third-place finish. With a sense of optimism and hope, she added, "We are here" as they looked forward to progressing to the One-eighth Stage. Unfortunately, despite their enthusiasm and zeal, it is disheartening to note that now they are not 'here' anymore.

the Porters students were full of hope at the beginning of the contest.

Patrick Agbodeka Fafanyo, representing Obiri Yeboah SHS, made it clear that he and his colleague, Ntiamoah Asiedu, were not merely present for show. He categorically stated that as this was OYESS' inaugural appearance at the Prelims, they did not have much to say. However, he expressed confidence, saying, "To the glory of the Lord, we are going to deliver a stronger performance today," hoping that their actions would speak louder than their words.

At the end of the of the day, it was a big ' Oh Yes' for the OYESS boys who secured their well-deserved ticket into the One-eighth bus with a narrow escape. OYESS secure 37 points, Arhbishop Porter Girls' SHS made 36 points, and Samuel Otu Presby SHS had 22 points.

Their beautiful smiles couldn't stop Obiri Yeboah from dumping their hopes

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Odey Schwinger acknowledged that although Archbishop Porter Girls (Poters) had lost their contest, missing their opportunity to advance to the One-eighth stage, they still had a chance to return with the last bus from the Prelims, which is reserved for the top runners-up. The fate of Poters now depends on 'permutations and probabilities'; Mrs. Schwinger's parting words to the resilient ladies were, "Go and fast and pray" for favour ,she said, while drawing the curtain on the competition.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of the NSMQ is proudly brought to you by the Ghana Education Service in partnership with GOIL Plc and supported by Joy News, AT, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, Pepsodent Toothpaste, Beta Malt, GARNET, Coronation Insurance, Academic City University College, Accra College of Medicine, Cowbell, Bel Beverages, GTP, Newmont Ghana, Africa World Airlines, and YFM. This is a Primetime production!


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