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From NSMQ Champion to Medical Student: The Inspiring Journey of Wonder Sarfo-Ansah

The NSMQ Live Chat just got more exciting! This week’s Live Chat features the ‘wonder full’ Wonder Sarfo-Ansah, Prempeh College NSMQ contestant, 2017. The first episode saw the robotics tamer, Alphonsus Adu-Bredu, give us more insight into his robotics journey so far. Alphonsus acknowledged that the NSMQ had been instrumental in the successes he had gained over the years. As a PhD candidate in robotics, Adu-Bredu aspires to venture into developing industrial robots for the agricultural sector in Ghana. Profile of Wonder Sarfo-Ansah This week, we are equally privileged to host Wonder Sarfo-Ansah, the wonderful Prempeh College 2017 NSMQ contestant, who is living his name with impeccable academic prowess. The 2017 National Champion is a driven and accomplished student from Ghana with a passion for making a difference. From a young age, Wonder has had an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which has led him to excel in his studies and become a leader in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Wonder is pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ghana, with an expected graduation date of November 2023. During his studies, he has been a valued member of several data collection and analysis teams, including a team that worked on a community health survey, analyzing the demographic makeup of residents of Tetegu. Through these experiences, Wonder has developed strong skills in data analysis and research methodology, which he hopes to apply in his future career. Beyond his academic pursuits, Wonder has also taken on numerous leadership roles in various student organisations. He currently serves as the Academic Board President for his class, where he has coordinated group study sessions and organised mock OSCEs to help his colleagues prepare for their final exams. Wonder is also the President of the Christ Assembly Campus Ministry, where he has organised weekly fellowship meetings, as well as evangelism and missionary outreaches.

In addition to his academic and leadership skills, Wonder possesses a range of personal interests and talents. He has experience with computer data analysis using SPSS, speaks French, and has a little command over Spanish too. Wonder is also a talented writer, having honed his skills in scriptwriting and acting through his involvement in the Theatre Arts Club. He has a passion for blogging and content creation, and is skilled in social media marketing and clerical work, having previously run a small-scale restaurant and retail shop.

Wonder's dedication to his studies and his commitment to making a difference in his community make him an excellent candidate for any position he may pursue in the future. His experience in research, data analysis, and leadership will serve him well as he continues to pursue his goals and make a positive impact in the world.

The #NSMQLiveChat is a LIVE virtual conversation featuring some of the most notable names on the NSMQ Stage since its inception. Every fortnight on Thursdays, we spotlight and interact with the myriad of brilliant minds who have made the NSMQ the programme we all love and enjoy.

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