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Dependable Daniel: PRESEC's 4th NSMQ Title Magician

“History always repeats itself, so knowledge of it prepares me for its repeat.”- Daniel Yeboah-Kordieh, NSMQ 2008 Champion - PRESEC Legon In 2008, Presbyterian Boys Sec. School (PRESEC) – Legon won a fourth NSMQ trophy, asserting their dominance in the programme. PRESEC – Legon would go on to achieve an unprecedented back-to-back win in 2009, a feat no other school can boast of. One of the engineers of PRESEC’s 4th NSMQ triumph, Daniel Yeboah-Kordieh, is under the spotlight for this weekend’s #NSMQLiveChat. Together with Roland Krieger and William Dove, Daniel made his school proud by securing their fourth NSMQ trophy. Afterwards, he gained admission to attend the Armand Hammer United World College in New Mexico, USA for his International Baccalaureate. Life after NSMQ After his International Baccalaureate, he went to Princeton University for his undergraduate studies, where he focused on the Intersection of Biology and Computer Science. He worked briefly after his studies, at Aeras; an organization whose aim is to research and develop tuberculosis vaccines, in Washington DC, where he worked in their Epidemiology Department to develop computer tools and apps to visualize their data. Daniel, later moved to work at Sophos, an IT Company which develops computer security tools and applications. He worked as a member of their cloud Email team developing the cloud Email platform. He again, enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology where he obtained masters in computer science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a part-time student whiles working at Sophos. Career and Family Life Daniel is currently working at Microsoft as an engineer on the Outlook Platform Team. His team create platforms to enable other engineers in Outlook to develop tools that support the Outlook Mail and Calendar. It’s in no doubt he is a ‘Brilla’. His fun time is to read and he likes reading about psychology and history. He is an ardent Man Utd. fan (in reality a disappointed Arsenal fan) and loves to watch basketball. Aside from playing soccer and football in his free time, he is deftly developing skills as an Entrepreneur. The "brilla" blood runs deep in his family, with his brother representing PRESEC - Legon in the 2000 edition of the NSMQ, and his sister competing for Wesley Girls' High School's 2012 NSMQ team.


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