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Brilliant Bubune: A Profile of NSMQ 1999’s Kwabotwe Legend

“I live with my wife and generally spend more time behind the computer than she would like, mainly reading, learning new things and keeping abreast with the goings-on about me.”Bubune Adih, NSMQ 1999 Champion, Mfantsipim School NSMQ fans have long argued over who they regard as the “greatest contestant” ever to grace the NSMQ stage. Although the answers always differ, one name remains as a favourite: Bubune Adih. Together with, Dr Jonathan Lamptey & Dr Derick Okwan Duodo, Ing Bubune Adih of the 1999 NSMQ Team of Mfantsipim School are rightly hailed as “the unforgettable trio” that won Mfantsipim’s first NSMQ Trophy.

Find out more about Bubune’s life and achievements on tonight’s edition of the #NSMQLiveChat (Saturday 15th August 2020), where we sit down and converse on science, technology, life and the passions that fuel his genius. Join us LIVE on Facebook at 6 pm GMT.


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