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Berekum SHS qualifies to One-eighth; Akumfi Ameyaw SHS bows out with Prudential Life NSMQ Star

The Bono-Ahafo Zone Preliminary Stage had an exciting competition on Day One, with the first contest featuring  PRESEC - Bechem, Berekum SHS and Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS. For the first time since the inception of the Prudential Life NSMQ Star award, the lowest-scoring school at the end of the contest had a perfect score of 10 for solving the Problem of the Day.

There was stiff yet interesting competition between PRESEC Bechem and Berekum SHS. The two schools kept swapping positions at almost every round of the contest which eventually led to Berekum SHS securing their spot in the One-eighth stage of the National Championship.

PRESEC Bechem showed much potential in round one leading with 11 points followed closely behind by Berekum SHS with 10 points and Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS with 3 points.

Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS pulled the rug from under the two leading schools in round three when they scored the perfect 10 points in solving The Problem of the Day to earn the Prudential Life NSMQ Star worth GHC 2000, sponsored by Prudential Life Insurance.

As winners of contest one, Berekum SHS stands a chance of winning the Airtel-Tigo highest scorer of the day award worth GHC1000. None of the schools won the GOIL Riddle Bonanza worth GHC800.

Despite the fact that they lost contest one, PRESEC Bechem and Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS might get a second chance in competing against Sunyani SHS on Day Two-contest two, if they emerge as the two top runners-up in the region.

Here’s a breakdown of Contest one at the Bono-Ahafo Zone Regional Preliminary Stage.Round One - General questions on chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics PRESEC Bechem - 11 Berekum SHS - 10 Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS - 3 Round Two - The Speed race Berekum SHS - 16 PRESEC Bechem - 12 Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS - 6 Round Three - Problem of the Day Berekum SHS - 22 PRESEC Bechem - 18 Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS - 16 Round Four - True or False Berekum SHS - 32 PRESEC Bechem - 16 Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS - 14 Round Five - Riddles Berekum SHS - 35 PRESEC Bechem - 20 Akumfi Ameyaw SHTS - 14

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